Jump to a Predecessor or Successor in MS Project

In Oracle Primavera P6, there is an easy way to navigate relationships between activities. Usually when an activity is selected, there is an Activity Detail Form in the bottom window, that lists all the predecessors and successors. Clicking on the Go To after selecting the predecessor, will take to the Predecessor activity in question. Same applies for successors.

However, in MS Project there is no such feature by design. So how do we navigate through predecessors and successors. There is a short cut in MS Project (F5) that uses Ctrl + G. In most Windows based programs, "Ctrl + G" shortcut is used to go to a specific line in the file. So in MS Project a work around to navigate is to use the Ctrl + G. First include a column for the Predecessors or Successors in the view. Then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G or F5, a window will open up and ask you to specify an ID. Type the ID for the Predecessor or Successor, then hit Enter. This will take you the Predecessor or Successor in question.