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Case Study - Delay Claim for a Contractor

Let's look at a real life case study of a delay claim where the Contractor was delayed by the Owner and was awarded an excusable, non-compensable time extension. The project was an airport renovation where the security check-in point was being remodeled. There were several different "sub-projects" b...

Patrick Mullen

Case Study - A Real Life Example of Reviewing a Contractor's Delay Claim

In this article, we'll review a real life case study for a delay claim that I reviewed and provided the recommendation for. The case study format will allow you to see what the Contractor was claiming, the analysis performed to review their claim, and whether or not the Contractor was awarded any ti...

Patrick Mullen

Liquidated Damages - A Primer

Disclaimer: This article is not legal advice and is purely for informational purpose and based on the Author's experience and review of other literature in this domain. IntroductionTime is Money, and a delayed project impacts the Owner as well as the Contractor. A way of managing the risk of late co...

Ram Ramdass

Putting a Simple Time Impact Analysis (TIA) Together

Let's put together some simple instructions for how a Contractor can put a proper Time Impact Analysis (delay claim) together. It can be a confusing process and often times Contractors don't put them together correctly. As a result, this puts the Contractor at a disadvantage when negotiating as they...

Patrick Mullen