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Comparing Schedules in Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project has a built-in comparison tool that is useful and easy to operate once you know it exists. As someone who uses P6 extensively, I would often convert MS Projects to P6 just so I could use comparison tools in P6. But once I found out about the comparison tool in Project, it removed t...

Patrick Mullen

Baseline Development With Estimates

Developing baseline schedules can be very time consuming and hard to align with the estimator if you don't share the data. I have successfully exploited the project estimates by using them as the basis of the activities and cost loading. Duration development is easily derived by backing into costs w...

Gregory Demetrulias

Common Delivery Methods in Construction - In Simple Terms

What is a delivery method? The delivery method is the term to describe how a construction project will be "delivered" to the Owner. When someone or some entity has an idea for a construction project, they aren't limited to just "design-bid-build". Instead, an Owner has a number of different options ...

Patrick Mullen